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Oh, could it be that he was waiting for the movie to end before he made his move? Because he just took Ted back into his arms and spooned him all over again.He finally left at AM, after much of my obvious yawning, and as I walked him out, he went in for the not-so-sexy, yet sadly expected side hug and said we should do it again soon.One could also say 75 percent of Americans would not wait until the third date or later to kiss for the first time. It helps you know if you want to connect with them physically. If they lean in and it feels good, you can lean in, too. That number soars to 82 percent for us post-divorce folks. There’s no short answer to this, but here are some things to consider. Be open to what’s happening between you and your date. If they seem stiff and uncomfortable, maybe you want lean in if you’re interested or not. There are many reasons you may not feel a kiss coming on. You really like the person a lot and it’s causing anxiety. You’re exploring the possibility of a relationship with someone new after the end of a marriage. On the other hand, if you like the person and you feel comfortable enough to kiss them, go for it. Don’t allow someone to pressure or guilt you into any unwanted physical contact.

We used the same lip balm (and I don’t mean chap stick..

But he planned the cooking class the week before, so I kind of owed him. He was dropping food everywhere and I was making mental notes about which spots I would have to clean afterwards.

I happily went to the store and told him to come around 7, to which he said, “Cool see you then”. At , he told me he was outside and when I opened up the front door for him, I don’t get a hug, I don’t get a hello, but I got a, “your place looks weird”. As I cooked the meal, I suggested he pour some wine instead of wielding a knife and handed him two glasses.

He grabbed the life-size Ted in my living room and then hugged Ted for the entire length of the movie.

I was doing everything possible – leaning in, shifting closer, playful arm touching; what am I left with? By the end of the movie, Ted got more action than I did. I was convinced the night was lost and there was no point in even trying.

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