Accommodating conflict

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Accommodating conflict

The problem is whether the organization can afford the new equipment.It's important that everyone understands each party's underlying interests, needs and concerns.When you resolve it effectively, you can also eliminate many of the hidden problems that it brought to the surface. If you don't handle it effectively, it can quickly turn into personal dislike, teamwork can break down, and talent may be wasted as people disengage from their work and leave.If you want to keep your team members working effectively, despite coming into conflict with one another, you need to stop this downward spiral as soon as you can.

The problem is caused by neither person, but they do need to work together to resolve it.

Roger heads up production, and is eager to buy a new machine that will increase his department's output.

Juanita works in purchasing, and is keen to reduce costs.

Make it clear that it's essential for people to be able to work together happily, effectively and without resentment, so that the team and organization can function effectively.

So, in our example situation with Roger and Juanita, you might facilitate a face-to-face meeting with them to clarify the importance of good relationships and to identify the main problems.

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However, bear in mind that the IBR approach may not be appropriate for all situations.

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