Adobe designer and updating the database

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For instance, the hedge fund questions shown here are only uncovered when the user select Hedge Fund.

The data connection must provide access to a web-service interface or OLEDB database server that will either return data to the form at run time or perform an action elsewhere.

After you specify the data source (see Working with Data Sources), you can specify the operation or query to run.

When the button is clicked at run time, processing is completed as defined through the operation or query.

You may recall that the tutorial on connecting a form to a database did demonstrate one method of inserting, updating and deleting records from a database.

The problem with using bindings to fields in order to modify records in a data connection is that you must set those fields to the values for the current record and then you have to use the data connection object scripting methods like "add New()", "update()" or "delete()".

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In short, these are the steps I followed to design this form: I’ve included lots of comments through the scripts to detail what’s going on at each stage as well as why certain things are being done so please have look at the sample (note that you don’t have to have the data connections setup in order to open the form and look at the script) and let me know if you have any questions.

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