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During the daylight hours of Friday and Saturday, a full schedule of workshops are presented, some by members and some by guest presenters which, in the past, has included such notables as Patricia Telesco, Fritz Jung and Wren (of The Witches' Voice), Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart, and more.

CMA produces an online quarterly newsletter, The Accord.

CMA "promotes spirituality based on Pagan beliefs, and is open to people of all traditions who are interested in celebrating nature, spirit and community." Starting out as little more than a joint camping event of several covens and some unattached solitary practitioners, as of 2012, CMA had a membership of nearly 1000 people and festival attendance of 500 or more at each festival.

The Council of Magickal Arts promotes spirituality based on Pagan beliefs and practices, by holding religious programs and gatherings for members to celebrate the holidays of Beltane and Samhain, and by publishing a quarterly magazine devoted to the religions and practices of the magickal arts.

Visit Texas Mountain Trail Region to learn more about this and other points of interest. – 6 p.m May to September: Friday through Sunday 7 a.m.

The El Paso Uplands Loop, part of the Great Texas Wildlife Trails, takes you to the best places to see native wildlife in this area.

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