Adult dating site with nude photos double dating deangelo

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Adult dating site with nude photos

so she gave me her number, we starting texting later that evening. i then took her first name off the dating site and her last name off snap chat and googled her name, it says she is in the class of 2018, which would make her normally i asked her if she can be honest with me and tell me her real age, she kept denying that she was that young.It is illegal for you to send or receive nude/sexually suggestive photos/videos of anyone under age 18.

This site contains a survey suggesting that a woman has nude photos to share and that the user will be directed to a site that offers ‘quick sex’ After the survey is completed, users are redirected to an adult dating website that contains the scammers hidden identification number.i immediately asked how old she was, she said i am 19, i said nice i am 20. so she sent me a pic of her in a bathing suit type thing. then i asked for a face pic of her ( i kinda wanted it all along i just didn't specify to her) so she sent one and then i sent one back. so then i said we should meet up that night because it was my day off of work and i was bored. i said i know this is weird but i want to see a pic of your ID or passport or high school diploma or something to prove you're 19, she made excuses of how she cant find it and what not.i said i would like to see more pics of you, (she only had 2 blurry pics on her account) she said how can i send them on here, i stated we would have to text because there is no way to send pics on there. she said she would look in the morning, i asked for her birthday and she gave me a date which would make her 19, but it wasn't enough proof.Recently though, I started to think about how hard relationships can be for service members and veterans.So naturally, I took to Google to see if there was an online service for military dating.

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but i didn't believe it, i immediately deleted the pic of her in a bathing suit. i'm sooooo scared my life is over or an officer is going to show up any minute. i already called a lawyer they said they can't do anything at the moment.