Arranged marriage online dating

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Arranged marriage online dating

But, at least for some of us, we get a chance to “date” prospective matches with the blessings of our parents.

Even experts seem to think that arranged marriage is just a more elaborate dating process! Willoughby, an assistant professor in the School of Family Life at Brigham Young University, The focus when it comes to dating is squarely on personal chemistry, physical attraction, and compatibility.

If you are an Indian, and you don’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, you will probably be dragged into a arranged marriage set up.

One fine day, you will also be shown a photograph of a prospective match.

Try to use your intuition and ask what the heart tells you.

Cut out the brain, as you have done your diligence in point 2.

About our jobs, our family values, our views on life in general. In simple words, dating on your own is not acceptable, so parents in India end up arranging dates for you!

I told him stuff about the kind of person I am to know if he has a problem with any of my personality quirks or traits. While wisdom from the street is useful and relevant, we have decided to craft arranged marriage first meeting tips by collecting practical advice given by dating experts! Some of you will disagree with this statement as parents also place way too many restrictions and conditions.

This is not the pseudo-wisdom spewed by bloggers on Buzzfeed! This is because the process is emotionally draining and you don’t want to go into the process and say no. Use Facebook profile research, Google search, friend networks, family networks and every other tool you could think of, to know about the prospect, in depth.

Being from top engineering school with a good job in India helped, but only so far. Marriage soured few years later and still on rocks. We even talked about our families to get a fair idea about our social circle and lifestyle. About our jobs, our views on working couple, our views on life in general. What we have experienced in life and what we learnt from it.

In hindsight, it wasn’t a right approach to the most important decision of the life. I was of the opinion that I cannot say ‘YES’ in one meeting. We decided to meet after three days, his reasoning being we will get time to think about what we want to talk about or ask each other. The next two hours were spent talking about the reason for which we were actually meeting.

This is when you will give your right arm to get your hands (or what’s left) on arranged marriage first meeting tips!

” will throw up a whole bunch of stale and well-known information that’s beaten to death already.

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One of the typical approaches that people take when meeting a prospective match through arranged marriage is to ask “what are your hobbies? ” or “Why you chose journalism as your career”, as this is a much better way to understand their personality and passions.