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Asian men and dating

There was no statistical difference in these findings based on age, immigration status (born in US vs Asia) or subethnicity.

Respondents were more mixed when asked whether they personally felt it was important to uphold “traditional” Asian values in their own life.

Responses were most scattered when it came to treatment vs Asian women.

While both groups were more likely to say they were treated “better” than non-Asian minorities, those born in Asian were 2x more likely to say “the same” compared to those born in the US.According to the Pew Research Center, East Asians make up close to half of the Asian American population, while Southeast Asians make up slightly more than a third, and South Asians, make up a bit over a fifth.The vast majority of Asian men surveyed were proud to be Asian and felt that their Asian heritage was important to their personal identity.I put together a 28-question survey using Google Forms and put out a call for Asian men living in America to take the survey.The form was live on from November 22nd to December 7th 2015.

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Comparisons to Whites and other Minorities To understand how Asian men are treated, we asked them to respond to the question “Overall, you believe people treat you _____ compared to [White people] [Non-Asian minorities] [Asian women].”Their possible responses were “Better”, “The same”, “Worse”, or “I’m not sure”.