Asian men dating jewish women

Posted by / 20-Jan-2017 09:25

Asian men dating jewish women

What is the phenomenon of Asian women with Jewish men?

I guess it’s because Asian women don’t see the nerdiness or lack of athleticism as a negative.

Jewish men might not be the most athletic, but that’s okay for Asian women.

A lot of Asian women don’t even care if their boyfriend is athletic.

We dug deeper to examine the ethnicities of women that self-identified as curvy and discovered that Asian men more often prefer curvy African-American women and curvy Caucasian women.

It turns out, more non-Jewish White men prefer Asian women (29% vs 19%).

Since we want to know more about Jewish men who are specifically interested in Asian women, we didn’t include men who have no ethnic preference.19% of Jewish men chose Asian women as one of the ethnicities they prefer.

A similar percentage of Jewish men, 17%, were interested in Hispanic women.

Additionally, African-American men were 52% more likely and Hispanic men were 28% more likely respectively than Caucasian men to give attention to curvy women online.

Interestingly enough, Asian men didn’t prefer just any curvy women.

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Of the men who had only one ethnic preference, 7% of White men and a puny 1% of Jewish men said they only want Asian women.