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Augustin pavlovic dating

"Tractatus de Ecclesia", written by Ivan Stojkovic de Corvatia (or Iohannes de Carvatia, also known as Jean de Raguse, 1390/95-1443), a professor at the University of Paris, was the first systematic tractate about the Church in the history of Catholic theology.Ivan Stojkovic also headed the delegation of the Council of Basel to Constantinople, aiming to negotiate the Ecumenical questions of the Eastern and Western Church.

In the accompaning text al-Edrisi mentions various cities in Croatia (Garuasia), among them Dubrovnik (Ragusa).

He wrote that he was from Dubrovnik, which was a Croatian city (de Ragusio quae civitas est in Charvatia).

Literature written in Croatian flourished in Dubrovnik.

Luka Sorkocevic (1734-1789), whose beautiful symphonies are performed throughout the world, lived in Dubrovnik (you are just listening to his Andante).

His two sisters were the first women-composers in Croatia.

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Dubrovnik was especially flourishing from the 15th to the 18th century, and was the chief rival to Venice.