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And if it couldn’t be me that won, I’m sure happy that he got it done.”ICYMI: #KUGolf sophomore Andy Spencer was crowned champion at the 2017 Watson Challenge this weekend! Kbj4f D #Rock Chalk KUs Dxvt2— Kansas Jayhawks (@KUAthletics) June 12, 2017Hanna led the pack after the first round on Friday with a 3-under 69.

“Just the way he conducts himself on the golf course.

He’s just given me a little bit of advice about what it takes to get to the next level and what to expect at the next level.”This past weekend’s event marked the fourth time that Hanna has played in the challenge with Watson.“I just [enjoy] to see how he goes about his business …

Hanna said the event, which was played at Milburn Country Club, was one of the best efforts he has seen from Spencer.“We’re close friends and I was really happy for him, he played great,” Hanna said.

“He played just about flawless golf for the 36 holes that I played with him.

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The new facility will be constructed for both the Kansas men's and women's golf teams at the new Jayhawk Club, which is formerly known as Alvamar Country Club. So it was pretty special to come away with the victory in that situation.It’s certainly a good memory I’ll have forever.”Hanna said Watson, who has won 39 PGA Tour events, 14 PGA Tour Champion events and the Watson Challenge five times, has given him advice on how to take the next step as Hanna prepares to enter professional golf.“He’s definitely served as a role model and a person for inspiration,” Hanna said.Somewhere along the way in his 30-plus years in standup, Brian Regan achieved a rare feat: he’s both the people’s choice and the “comic’s comic.”The 59-year-old Florida native, who’s at Massey Hall on Friday and Hamilton’s First Ontario Concert Hall the night before, has an unassuming, everyman persona onstage, but fellow comedians are not fooled. there’s Brian Regan and then there’s other people”) to Patton Oswalt (who once marvelled at how Regan can take up “a premise that and five TV specials — the last, in 2015, was broadcast live — adores him no less, not missing the salty language of a Kevin Hart or the controversy of a Louis C. While they wait for his Southern Ontario shows, and his Netflix special arriving later this year, here’s an email Q&A he conducted this week with the Star. It depends on where on the timeline you are looking.He draws fulsome praise from everyone from Chris Rock to Marc Maron (“the guy people look up to . Jim Gaffigan, with whom you have much in common, used to be a dirtier performer and it just dropped away as he formed the persona he’s known for. I was always fairly “clean,” but when I first started I had a few jokes here and there that would surprise some people today. Actually, it’s kind of cool being known exclusively for standup comedy.

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Every once in a while, I do a guest set in a comedy club.

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