Candidating ministry methodist

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Candidating ministry methodist

It is the process by which you and the church test your call.

- Bishops send the names of applicants to EMMU no later than 31st July.

Successful applications are required to complete a minimum of four years but not more than five years on trial and have to complete and participate in all aspects of probationer training.

CANDIDATE NOMINATION PROCEDURE (This applies to both Word and Sacrament & Word and Service) - The Circuit Quarterly Meeting recommendation shall be in accordance with the provided Circuit Quarterly Meeting guide AND the Superintendentís evaluation report.

This discernment is an assessment of the candidate’s present competencies and signals confidence that the candidate is ready to be ordained as a deacon or elder in the United Methodist Church who will serve with excellence in the New York Annual Conference.

The ordination event interview sessions are designed to explore the candidate’s ability to apply knowledge appropriately, evaluate the candidate’s skills for ministry, and discern if the residency period has provided sufficient experience so as to demonstrate excellence in ministry in accordance with (2008).

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- CANDIDATES' FORMS These documents must be submitted to EMMU not later than 31st October.