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Catholic latino dating

Converts have cited such similarities as respect for social solidarity, the family, the importance of religion, and education.

There is a relative simplicity within Islam with structure and theology in this respect.

The statue of the Mayan demi-god Maximon is kept in the home of one of the members of his cofradia—the traditional brotherhood that cares for the Mayan saint—on Holy Week, he is transferred to his chapel near the Catholic Church Maximon is known variously as a Mayan version of St.

Simon, a Satanic figure, a representation of Judas or a link to the Spanish conqueror Pedro de Alvarado.

Yet the most unusual of these Guatemalan religious celebrations is found in Santiago Atitlán, an indigenous village on the shores of oft-visited Lake Atitlán.

In the shadows of three towering volcanoes, in a large whitewashed courtyard in front of a Catholic Church dating back to the 1500’s, Holy Week sees an impressive demonstration of the unique blend of Mayan and Catholic religious traditions known as syncretism, a mixture of different religions and cultures.

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Statues of saints Inside the Church of Santiago Apostol in Santiago Atitlan are dressed in colorful clothing reminiscent of the dress of indigenous townsfolk. During Holy Week, this fusion of Maya and Catholic traditions becomes even stronger, as townsfolk prepare the statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus for their ceremonial processions that take place on Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday.“Jesus in the Mayan religion is very special,” said Dolores Ratzan Pablo, a trilingual Maya T’zutujil woman active in the community who has also lived in the United States.“The Mayans really take good care of (Jesus),” Ratzan told NBC Latino.