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Dating customs venezuela

Because of this, many children spend their days in the care of grandparents or other relatives.

Most couples have two or three children, but this number varies; what doesn't vary is the importance of family in Venezuela and its role as a central element in the culture.

Your Guide to Venezuela: ● Venezuela Page ● Culture & Identity - Food, Dining, & Drinks - Ethnicity, Language, & Religion - Relationships, Marriage, & Family - Social Life - Architecture ● History ● Geography, Weather, & Wildlife ● Blogs The Venezuelan family dynamic tends to follow lines defined by the two sexes as the husband generally supports the family financially and makes most of the important decisions while the wife is often the caregiver and maintains the house, but in many ways is also the driving force in the family as many women truly control the house and all of its affairs.

However, this dynamic is not static across the country and today many more women are working than they have in the past.

Some English words, such as "parking," have found their way into Venezuelan Spanish.

Venezuelans often speak less formally than people in most other Spanish-speaking countries.

Location: Northern South America, bordering the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, between Colombia and Guyana Capital: Caracas Climate: tropical; hot, humid; more moderate in highlands Population: 28,868,486 (2014 est.) Ethnic Make-up: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arab, German, African, indigenous people Religions: nominally Roman Catholic 96%, Protestant 2%, other 2% About 40 languages are spoken in Venezuela.

Prior to marriage the future groom is expected to ask his girlfriend's father for permission to marry her.The People Venezuelans respect leadership and are a tolerant and loving people.Extended family and friends are very important, and one should avoid doing anything that might shame them.Anthropologists are trying to learn these languages and the stories of these peoples before the last people who speak these languages die.Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic and English are the most common foreign languages spoken in Venezuela.

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As more indigenous people move to the cities, many of their languages are becoming extinct.

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