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• This headline: “National Geographic to Stop Publishing Nude Animal Pictures” and its subhed: “The media group says that it will no longer degrade animals by showing photos of them without clothes.” • The new name for the capital of Alaska. That announcement will come later this morning.” • The news that CERN’s Large Hadron Collider will be moved to London’s Royal Albert Hall and that particle collision experiments will be carried out in the hallway.Juneau appears as UNO on the city’s website and social media channels — a gag by Mattel, the company that makes the card game. • Mike Huckabee’s announcement on FOX Business that he’s jumping back into the race, momentarily shocking anchor Mario Bartiromo: “We’ve used that term carefully, suspend, not end. “We’ve played host to everyone from The Beatles to Adele, but what we’ve never had here before is particles.This project will change all that,” says a release.“We were as impressed as anyone when CERN announced that they had found the ‘God particle’, but frankly they don’t seem to have done much since.” • “Mmm Box,” the monthly subscription service from Mc Donald’s that will deliver a rib sandwich right to your door. He had sent out a series of tweets Thursday teasing a “YUGE” announcement on April 1, and some sounded just like the real estate mogul: “Wow, many many people tell me the announcement is the best announcement anyone has ever seen.” • “Groovy Maps,” the new name for Google Maps.If reality actually follows the troll logic, then the normal rules aren't in effect; Reality Is Out to Lunch. How come they didn't do anything about that during the course of evolution, might I ask? Irrational Hatred may have this as its basis, and Chewbacca Defense is literally of it. Kyon (narrating): They don't undergo natural selection in the depths of the sea just for the sake of your stomach! • The U. • New words in Oxford Dictionaries, such as: • Houzz’s new line of home furnishings with “sensors detect dirt, smudges and wrinkles” and “provide honest feedback” regarding decorating in “up to 7 languages,” such as the pillow that barks “fluff me.” • The Home uk listing for the Palace of Westminster’s private chambers. In this case, the technology we’re employing is actually over 75 years old.” • Zipcar’s new feature, which uses customers’ selfies to match them with rental cars.

A character will tend to use this when he thinks he is smarter than he really is.

• Virgin Australia‘s “Kids Class” — “the first kids-only aircraft cabin” in which the aisles are giant hopscotch boards and a “customized teddy service” offers young fliers their choice of stuffed animals to cuddle with. Any lingerie dubbed “the Plunge Pawfect Bra” or “the Front-Closure Pawsh-Up Bra” that is described as “Pawfect Fitting” or a “ruff fit” is a gag from the website that sells bras Third Love and the petsitting site Dog Vacay.

• The room-sharing option at W Hotels, a 75% discount for guests willing to share a room with strangers.

And then, sometimes it's just Obfuscating Stupidity or Obfuscating Insanity in action. Remember that not all bad or faulty logic is Insane Troll Logic. Light: All true, I don't say them to make them true I just have to remind everyone else that they're true.

Insane Troll Logic is so badly screwed up that it isn't even wrong - usually either the presenter or the audience have no grasp of even the concept where the "logic" should apply. If I didn't say anything people would assume that Matsuda's theories are correct, and I just won't stand for that.

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It is logic failure that crosses over into parody or Poe's Law. So the reason for the laying on of hands is the reason for the taking off of hands, and herein is contradiction contradicted! zer0: On one hand, the Nazis did invade Poland to commit atrocities against its people, but on the other hand they also committed the same horrific acts against the Jews! Seeing as how he perceived the Jews as "in" on the conspiracy against him, he was unable to accept them as victims of the Nazi Holocaust.