Dating for hiv positive people uk Chat adultos lonely woman

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Dating for hiv positive people uk

We are part of one of the best established HIV dating networks and one of the most reliable HIV dating sites available today. That is why all positive singles need to confirm their e Mail address upon registration.

Many positive singles signed up already and are seaching for love as welll.They may also not be aware that if you're on effective treatment and your viral load is undetectable, you cannot pass on HIV.Some people face particularly difficult situations. You may live with your partner and be worried about losing your home, for example, or you may be worried about domestic problems or violence.However, in England and Wales there is a risk of being prosecuted for reckless transmission of HIV if: The law in Scotland is largely the same, except that a case can also be brought if transmission hasn't taken place but someone has been put at risk of transmission without their consent or knowledge. One benefit of telling sexual partners about your HIV status is that they can find out more about protected sex including learning about Pr EP and PEP.Whether you tell previous partners can depend upon a number of factors such as what your relationship was like, the type of sex you had whether it was protected.

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We are very proud that we are one of the most popular HIV dating site for the Scandinavian region.

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