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Dating idiots

If necessary, you could always make like the old sitcoms and climb out of the bathroom window.If you’re not creative enough to escape the date, you’re gonna to have to suffer through it. Bite your tongue and go through the motions, and remember that the clock is ticking it’s way to the end of your date regardless of how bad of a time you are having. They are a little different from their male counterparts, but they are just as lonely and looking for anyone who will give them the time of day.Turns out I am not a fan of horror for sake of blood.After the movie my boyfriend was pissed at me and accused me of seeing the movie before. That moment I decided to go to college and not marry my high school sweetheart.

If someone shows more interest in their own appearance than in either your appearance or your insides, they should be dating themself.Why would someone search for the future father of her children in a smoky, drunk-infested booze joint? Plus being drunk can get you into a lot of trouble in other ways and you may end up in a relationship with that dude whether you want to or not.People engage in other baffling ways of meeting people.Even though morons are everywhere, people seek them out in strange places.It’s incomprehensible that someone would try to find a mate in a bar, but this happens all the time. Of course, the rumor is that drinking can make people seem more attractive, so your perception of reality is going to be skewed anyway.

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Dating idiots must be pretty common, or else why would the phrase “Lovable Idiot” be a thing? And most important of all: you can make funny posts about dating idiots, and supply us with great content.

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