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We hope this helps spread the word amongst like minded folk, such as our readers.Many of whom are just itching to buy an old, closed government building and restore it.has just bought is probably the most challenging project to find a good up-cycled use for. We will of course share the adventures of the next property club project with readers in the weeks and months to come.

Plus it was a wonderful experience full of excitement and a great unique property.The old loo is likely to become a dog grooming salon.Seems more fitting than sipping a latte at a gent’s ceramic urinal as pictured above.All very well if you are sending a random picture of Aunt Mildred at her wedding in run entirely by volunteers, we cannot guarantee that our regular rummage in the spam folder for lost messages will find the ones that do get lost in the internet ectoplasm. Then came the banking crisis so after a chat amongst the members we took a sabbatical. A few of us did soldier on until 2010, but this austerity malarky has been a major drag on unique property club outings.

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Ministry of Defence bases, radar stations, HM court buildings, job centres, hospitals, airports, universities, museums, forestry buildings, laboratories – a whole range of interesting structures with a steady stream of buildings being sold off.

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