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There are no plans to shut down the parties in any of the other 100 countries where they take place.

Tupperware was originally developed by Earl Silas Tupper but took off in the 1950s when sales exec Wise came up with the idea of having Tupperware parties.

In America, more than 85 per cent of sales still come from the parties, but not in Britain."We wish that we knew the magic answer.

Clearly, the way that we had the parties structured was not working," said a Tupperware spokesman.

Earl Tupper, who founded the eponymous company in 1946, found that shop sales of his products were not going well and, five years later, switched entirely to the mother and daughter party scheme.

Brownie Wise was the first woman to appear on the front cover of the magazine Business Week.

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Organisers of the parties are encouraged to think up themes for each gathering, with suggestions such as "Get more from your microwave" and "Gifts that keep on giving".