Dating while pregnant reasons why online dating is good

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Dating while pregnant

You’re already a working mother of two, presumably with many demands on your time.You’re now pregnant with a third child, sired by a man you’re no longer dating (who will co-parent).But that’s your choice and I support your ability to make that choice.I also support the concept that you don’t want to be alone for a long time – that love is important and something worth having immediately. Here’s where we seem to part ways: I’m a reality-based dating coach.I made sure to put in my dating profile that I was carrying a surrogate baby, but I found that there were men out there who didn’t read my profile at all.With that said, I made sure to mention it before agreeing to meet anyone or exchanging phone numbers. if he didn’t turn around and walk out on me immediately.

What you seem to have barely considered is not simply how YOU feel about this situation but how MEN would feel about dating you at this time.That caused a few men to suddenly drop off the face of the earth, but ultimately, it also saved me from the hassle of meeting up with a guy who would be in shock for the remainder of our date . (And that would have left me mortified in front of an entire restaurant! Sure, there are plenty of open-minded men out there, but remember that you are going through a pretty intense stage of your life and he had nothing to do with how you got there.Don’t expect him to hold your hand through active labor (though he might be cool with it by the time you get there, if things work out), and keep in mind that your situation is going to be weird for him at times, especially if he doesn’t have children yet. Be prepared, as any of those things could happen while you’re on a date with someone new, but also plan to laugh it off because, really, what else can you do?Believe it or not, some guys out there have weird pregnancy fetishes, or they see being pregnant as a bonus because if they do sleep with you, they can’t get you pregnant if you’re already pregnant. One plus about being pregnant is that there usually isn’t any question about what you want to eat . I’d love to hear your thoughts about dating while pregnant.

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I’ve got everything going for me and don’t want to stop my search for love, although, I may not be going out as often as I was before simply because I am going to bed earlier and not drinking for now. What are some things I should look out for as I chat with new prospects?