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To work the machine inn that way was obviously dangerous.'If the company had been aware this was taking place they would have acted on it immediately.

The sensor should not have been able to be bypassed so easily.'He said both accidents were one-offs and no expense had been spared on safety improvements since the incidents.

He had to have his left hand amputated following the accident in December, 2009 at Cranswick Convenience Foods in Wombwell, South Yorkshire.

The casualties were all male and aged in their 20s to 60s.

Fuji city is located in the foothills of the world-famous Mount Fuji, around 100 kilometres west of the capital Tokyo.

Officials said it was not immediately clear exactly what was burning but the factory operator denied risks of potential contamination or pollution.

Sam Wardley, the proprietor of the Bay View in Swansea, told the Wales Online website: "At five past six, he walked through the door with his girlfriend. He was just like another customer: sweet, chatty and complimentary of the food.

She was very unassuming, very pretty but very quiet - she was a very sweet girl."He was talking about the weather and local pictures on the wall.

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He also visited a local school to watch an end-of-term production of musical 'West Side Story'.

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