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When Connie’s ex fills out his form what he writes alerts her and the rest of the group that something is wrong and she decides to confront him.What happens is right out of a Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn movie you have to read it for yourself.

This is clearly chick lit territory and for that"Divorcees.

Okay, so I gave you that much but what happens I will not reveal.

But, when she and Mike, the guard go out you just won’t believe the reason he joined, paid the huge fee and what she learns about him that could nix the entire deal or maybe not!

Now, for the hilarious part that will definite crack you up as poor Connie tries to shout, scream and get everyone’s attention to no avail.

But, Sadie does what my Aunt Tommy would have done, puts two fingers in her mouth and you guessed it whistles louder than a police whistle and definitely gets everyone to focus.

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The form is confidential and the information can only be revealed when you read the book for yourself.