Do tall men like dating short women

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Do tall men like dating short women

I can tell you it was great to date short men also, girls can easily fall in love with a short man too. I always dated many men at that time in my search for my soul mate.Those men put so much effort in getting my attention, asking me out, being so nice and affectionate maybe that’s why I never felt uncomfortable with them.So, there are many women who want to marry a man that is not taller than her.

They can tell the best jokes, speak on any number of topics, and can spark an intrigue in any woman who might be apprehensive to give them the time of day.

Short Husband Maybe you wonder if my husband is a tall man or not.

My husband and I are about the same height but I don’t consider him to be tall at all.

Tall women turn peoples heads who eager to look at them and when a tall woman with much shorter man they turn heads even more.

Many rich and famous men dated very tall women and in our society tall is equal to beauty, model type looking, so no surprise why rich men and go for tall women too.

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They made me feel loved, welcomed and appreciated that I was always happy around them.

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