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The Church’s website indicates that the shared media may be used for Church products or also appear on in the LDS Media Library to download and be used for lessons, family home evenings, blogs, and other noncommercial, gospel-sharing efforts.

“I love serving my mission as a photographer for the Church.

Two missionary-submitted photos have been featured on the LDS Church Instagram account. “Church employees have already exceeded that number this year,” said Brother Olson.

We have a constant stream of Church departments coming to request photos from our missionary photographers. Sister Eugenia Rey, a Church-service photographer from Payson, Utah, said, “In some calls we are the Lord’s hands; on this call we are the Lord’s eyes.” A father and son spend time together. “We have one missionary who worked with Church history on three Church history websites, and they used over 75 of his photos on the sites,” said Brother Olson. ” said Sister Linda Lee, a Church-service missionary photographer from Iowa City, Iowa.

A young woman smiles as she stands in a field of grain with a blue sky overhead.

SIHH is one of the busiest weeks of the year for watch lovers, when the industry descends on Geneva to see the biggest new releases at the start of each year.

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“Being a Church-service missionary as a photographer is a dream come true for me as I thought I lived too far away from Salt Lake City to contribute,” said Sister Susan Brown, a Church-service missionary from Running Springs, California, in the San Bernardino California Stake.

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