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Like the LBD, the trousers above, which are big on top and slim on the bottom, are a great platform for an amazing pair of heels.I chose two, one pair in a cute nude color, and another pair in a yummy cherry red.When you rock menswear-inspired trousers, I recommend wearing a basic tee or blouse in any color up top, and adding a statement necklace like the ones I chose above.And, if you're more daring, you can even rock a crop top Erin does in the picture on the left.I love that she isn't afraid to wear a fun pink shoe, or rock a pair of blue sneakers with her cocktail dress.(Purple Heels, Floral Necklace, Pendant Necklace, Rose Ring, Blue Pumps, Cutout Heels, Teal Necklace, Black Ring, Flower Ring, Red Peeptoe) For the color section, I have chosen a bunch of accessories that will add pops of color and variety to your outfit. Whatever your thoughts, let me know in the comments!Whether you choose some blue suede pumps, a snazzy rose ring, or a teal beaded necklace, when paired with a basic outfit, these accessories will instantly jazz up an ordinary outfit and take it to extraordinary.

Color is great: it brightens up your outfit, ads variety to any look, and is easy on the eyes.Erin takes chances when it comes to trends and fashion, and that really makes her stand out above the rest of the fashion crowd. One of the main casts of the television series, Erin Lucas is an actress and model from United States.Unless they are spectacular (like these babies), black heels are only going to make your LBD drab.Make like Erin, and look for shoes (which you will see more of later in this article) with unusual styles, colors, or other attributes; they make your outfit pop that much more.

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Edit Her childhood dreams were also acting and soon after graduating from New York University, she began her acting career and she appeared in the television series, The City.

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