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Eritrean dating online

The methods involved are numerous and much diversified. When you publish a 3000 words entry in an encyclopedia to present the history of a less important nation, and you allot only 1500 words for the entry which is dedicated to the history of another, definitely more important nation, certainly your intentions are evil, your publications are biased, and your falsification targets are to elevate what you favor and to lower what you disfavor – particularly if the history of the more important nation happens in addition to be better documented with more historical sources, larger textual and epigraphic evidence, and a longer record of diverse archaeological findings.Except the size of an entry, many other parameters matter as well, when it comes to a systematic falsification effort.In these cases, the map forgery process becomes easier.Similarly with common lies, map forgery combines elements of historical truth along with points of distortion; there cannot be a ‘full lie’, because no one will believe it.Islamic Emirate of Granada in their real historical dimensions The correct borders of the Mamluk state of Egypt in the Red Sea Involving many universities, publishing houses, mass media, encyclopedias (and notably the Wikipedia), diplomatic services, and international NGOs, a vast project of systematic map forgery of global dimensions can be attested in an almost infinite number of cases either on hard copies or online.The existing trends that can be assessed after a meticulous observation of many thousands of maps lead us to the conclusion that the undertaken forgery only reflects and strengthens the historical falsification that we can notice in the texts of articles, scholarly articles, encyclopedia entries, and books.identify whether a case of map forgery really took place.

But what happens in the case of a historical map dating back to the Islamic Ages, the Christian times or the periods of the Oriental Antiquity?

And there cannot be a total map forgery, because people will immediately identify the map as purely fictional, fake, and therefore worthless.

The extensive map forgery project reveals the existence of a detailed plan shared by many, and this takes us to the level of an advanced conspiracy.

The overall presentation, the presence or the absence of maps, pictures and diagrams, etc., everything in fact adds points to the said effort.

The contents of the text, and of the maps, are certainly the most essential parts of the falsification effort, but undoubtedly not the only.

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Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis “Dar al-Islam (the Muslim World) in the 13th century” / From: “The Travels of Ibn Battuta.

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