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She needs to hear the truth so that she can adjust, conform and become just another starlet fighting an emerging (or full blown) eating disorder. While not a single girl, woman (or grandmother) I know particularly prefers to feel on the bulky side (which we all do after a summer full of Strawberry Daiquiris and kebabs), it should not be dammed unfeminine to have a little extra roll here and there.

As long as we can all pretend she is that skinny by nature (and lives on those trendy mini pulled pork burgers), it is fine. Neither should the body of a powerhouse female get any kind of attention while discussing her work.

They couldn't care less about being healthy or losing weight and that's what makes them so precious.

Unlike these skinny bitches, big beautiful women have no self-control and that extends to their sex life.

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Dunham is, by conventional (see: Hollywood) standards, just a tad too heavy for the entertainment business where skinniness is the religion, and fat is something that only sad people have. Unless she is making a living walking down a runway in wings, a successful woman is not her weight; she is her achievements.

Unless then of course you are a successful (male) comedian who can joke about crushing a chair on a date with the latest blonde bombshell who sucked your willy during dessert. And she is the effect her work has on other people.

I guess that the truly gloomy part is that despite Dunham’s attitude that her weight really isn’t a hinder for success, or sexiness, up to this point she still has to deal with the attitude that she’s not “conventionally” pretty.

Why not celebrate the good things in our fellow humans without having to talk about what isn’t perfect on a person; after all, no one is ever going to be flawless. And I can't wait for the day where examples the Google search above are a thing of the past.

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If we don’t smart shame her (not to say she isn’t smart, we just don’t really get to hear what she says that often), why bother fat shaming a woman who is clever enough to try and speak for a whole generation of confused women?

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