Flex bindable not updating

Posted by / 05-Jan-2018 00:41

When embedding MP3 files, Flex defines snd Cls as a reference to a subclass of the Sound Asset, which is a subclass of the flash.media. Flex can handle any legal filename, including filenames that contain spaces and punctuation marks.

To manipulate it, you determine the data type of the object representing the image and then use the appropriate Action Script methods and properties of the object.

You can embed SWF files created for Flash Player 8 and earlier and for Flash Player 9 or later static assets.

Use static assets for simple artwork or skins that do not contain any Action Script 3.0 code.

Is there something extra I need to do with boolean variable?

You can use these images for icons, skins, and other types of application assets.

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For example, you use the In this example, you define a class named img Cls that represents the embedded image.