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Freddie and mama jones dating

And now, Jim & Chrissy are THE hip-hop couple with all eyes pointed at them.As they weave through their own development, they'll collide with their past, embark on new ventures, and make the difficult decision about tying the knot.On March 20, 1990, in the middle of the night, paramedics were called to the de Cordova home at 1875 Carla Ridge Road, in the Trousdale section of Beverly Hills.Freddie de Cordova, the executive producer of Johnny Carson’s and his wife, Janet, a leading local socialite sometimes referred to as the Duchess of Trousdale, were asleep in their separate bedrooms.Mimicking her son's fame, she now wants her own reality show.Only a year after breaking into the 'granny rap' scene, Nancy's relationship with her long-standing friend and music producer Freddie Robinson is on the rocks.

Rapper finally gets his dream-girl and they fall in love. As tradition goes, the next step for the couple is obvious, but on this road to the altar, all is not as it seems. Jones is a look inside one of Hip Hop's most infamous couples.

How does the image of a stable family rack up alongside the unpredictable world of the music industry.

Chrissy steers through the waters of commitment, disappointment, and career while Jim will learn from his past and push forward, or sink as his own worst enemy.

Nancy "Momma" Jones is still up to her old tricks and has more up her sleeve.

Ever hustling, she's looking to launch her own perfume, clothing line, and liquor.

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Louis Tomlinson is so sure newborn son Freddie Reign is his kid, he has no plans to prove it with a DNA test ... Sources close to Louis and Briana Jungwirth tell us the 1D-er's always copped to the kid being his ever since finding out Briana was pregnant.