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Free hermaphrodite iron

However, the flower and inflorescence morphology of each sex type is unique.Gynodioecious varieties Sun Up, Sun Up Diminutive mutant, and dioecious AU9 were used to test the response of papaya to gibberellic acid (GA on female and hermaphrodite flowers of papaya did not yield any sex reversal phenotype but caused a significant increase in peduncle elongation and inflorescence branch number in all treated plants.

Most GAs exist in plants as either precursors to bioactive GAs or as deactivated GAs.

Pistillate flowers have an enlarged base, taper toward the tip, are much larger than staminate or hermaphroditic flowers, and lack any trace of stamens.

Hermaphrodite flowers are less bulbous than female flowers but thicker than male flowers.

The extreme length of the primary peduncle is a principal attribute of male papaya plants.

Female and hermaphrodite flowers also develop from the leaf axis but, unlike male flowers, they are borne singly or in small cymes of up to three flowers on short peduncles (0 to 4 cm).

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The total number of inflorescence nodes and branches was also recorded.

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