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Gable Tostee, right, with defence lawyer Saul Holt, QC.

Tagpuno broke down as the court heard the allegation that her daughter was choked by Tostee as he restrained her, and she told him she wanted to go home, before he locked her outside."Womanising moron", strangers wrote on his public Facebook page, along with "classic narcissist", "cold blooded murderous creep".In the end, the focus was not on the exploits of Tostee the "Gold Coast playboy" – as some characterised him – but the nearly two-hour phone recording."Thank goodness he did press record on his app at 12.55," defence lawyer Saul Holt, QC, told the jury in his closing arguments.His habit of boasting online came back to bite him: the claims he had bedded hundreds of women, his online self-defences in which he claimed he was subject to a "witch-hunt", changing his name online to Eric Thomas – it all fed the headlines.His Facebook page and a bodybuilding forum on which he posted his defences both became an irresistible magnet for his critics.

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His defence lawyer rubbished this suggestions, saying it was up to the jury to decide.