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When Berger was shot, his friends were forced out with the crowd, not knowing what had happened to him.

It took two days of calling hospitals, police and friends in Las Vegas for his parents to learn that their son was dead.

He worked for Diamond Ridge Roofing, and Cook said he was “gregarious” and “outgoing,” even picking up a stray dog once from a worksite and bringing her home.“They were just the happiest couple,” Cook said. ‘I would die for you.’ That’s how much he loved her. They were soul mates.”His son, Jake, posted photos of his father on Facebook with the following message: “Lost my best friend. #atruehero” — Ellie Silverman Read more Steve Berger was a 6-foot-6 former college basketball player on a trip for his 44th birthday.Soon, people started running and screaming, “Get down!”The two hurdled over tables and ice chests and then took shelter from the gunfire under a table.She knew he died in her arms and she told him she would see him in heaven, his mother-in-law, Lauraine Cook, 70, recounted from conversations with Laurie Beaton.The couple was celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversary at the concert with friends.

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One of the friends who survived finally showed his photo Tuesday to a coroner, who confirmed his death.

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