Graphic dating violence stories

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The father was properly admitted into the school with his daughter because she had been late and he was helping her get a class schedule.

Very nuanced, character-driven study of teen sexuality.

Often a student’s behavior may change, and he or she may become withdrawn or lose confidence. Parents can try talking to someone at the school, or a pastor. Teachers can talk among themselves to find that teacher or counselor who has the best relationship with a student.

“It’s about making sure the child has someone they can trust,” Gallant said.

“Too many (teenagers) think a bad relationship is better than no relationship at all,” Sevier said.

“They won’t talk if a boyfriend is roughing them up or a girlfriend is abusing them.

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They remained in custody, with bond remaining at $100,000 for Josiah Wright and $30,000 for Jonay Wright.

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