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Miller was a child actor who played Keanu Reeves' little brother in The River's Edge.

He attended Yale and UCLA, and in 2003 got a master's in creative writing from the University of Iowa.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo Di Caprio Leo was seen chatting up television producer Mark Burnett on his way out of the party.

The posse was made up mostly of child actors who got to know one another growing up in L. and seeing each other at the same auditions — Di Caprio himself was a child actor before he hit it big.

(The close male friendships stoked the fires of rumor that he was gay or bisexual for years, though it seems it was all just a bromance.)The posse appears to have remained tight to this day, core members going to Lakers games and red carpets together.

Several posse members keep popping up in Di Caprio's films or working behind the scenes for his production company.

Haas lived in Di Caprio's house with him for seven years, until 2010 when Di Caprio's then-girlfriend Bar Refaeli reportedly made him kick Haas out.

He has done some TV guest spots and low-budget horror movies, and in 2010 he had a role in Inception as Di Caprio's old friend who betrays him.

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Today, he keeps an active Twitter account and, guessing from his tweets about gay dating sites, he may not have been the most active pussy-chaser in the group.

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