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Following the split, questions were asked about what caused the two to end such a successful and much-loved union, but only Ambrosius spoke out, telling The Voice in 2011: “People outgrow each other, people want to move on to pursue different things.

Nat and I haven’t spoken since 2007.” Stewart, however, remained tight-lipped for much longer.

THE BREAK-UP of British duo Floetry in 2006 came as a shock to many.

After an illustrious career of over seven years, multiple awards and gold records, one of the UK’s most successful soul bands came to an abrupt and – if reports were to be believed – unpleasant end.

Comprised of Natalie Stewart and Marsha Ambrosius, Floetry took the music world by storm with their fusion of soulful vocals, courtesy of Ambrosius, known as the Songstress, and slick emceeing from Stewart, known as the Floacist.

“Because if that’s what you’re supposed to do, then you do what you believe in.And I was never going to have a war with her [Ambrosius] – no way.” Stewart explains that all she ever wanted to do was make good music, perform and study her craft.Less interested in chasing fame, she says that it was her refusal to branch out into more mainstream soul that pushed her and Ambrosius apart. A lot of the journey, to the point of Marsha signing with Aftermath and going solo, had been about me not allowing Floetry to be sacrificed to this idea of trading on what a success it was.“I walked away and I tried to get Marsha to walk away with me, to be able to protect the integrity of the music and stop it from being pushed into a more mainstream, hip-hop production.I have things that I believe in deeply and I think that walking by these lines, doors open and blessings and opportunities come into our lives.

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“I knew I had the performance coming, like a couple of months before it was happening, but I knew I would be showing,” said Marsha.