Mistry dating book

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Mistry dating book

He realizes that a superfluity of life’s comforts destroys all joy in gratifying one’s needs.Satisfaction of one’s needs at times of severe deprivation constitutes perfect happiness.He is always occupied with the single thought of atoning for his wrong.It is not until the incessant mourning and the deprivation of love does it dawn on him that he is capable of emotion and love.The cynical Andrei Bolkonsky thrives to find meaning of life and happiness at the expense of suffering in war.What intrigues him is the moment of glory that transcends one’s lifetime.The search of life’s meaning takes him to the midst of battlefield.

It’s the fear of not being able to summon the courage to withstand spectacle of war’s unfortunate circumstances. At the center of war are two men who with an unremitting passion strive to make inquiry to the depth of humanity.

Napoleon’s invasion of Russia forms the backdrop of the novel.

These characters, who are left at the mercy of their fate and the capricious climate of war, ineluctably move in the strange delirium of war and its chaos, which constitutes a foil for their personal drama.

Maria Bolkonsky exhausts the best years of her life bearing family’s burden.

The thought of being happy in the happiness of others provides the solace to her.

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