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Exposing body parts in an exotic way would be punishable by as much as 10 years in jail.Depending on how your nudity was perceived by the authorities under these laws, there could be severe legal consequences for public nudity in Bali.Kuta Beach is the more popular due to its lack of coral reefs and proximity to the airport.Uluwatu Beach is on the side of a cliff, keeping it out of public view. Most new movies are produced exclusively for them in HD quality and can be found nowhere else.

Later construction added a bowling alley, golf course, base housing for dependent family members, and a Do DDS school. An additional 500 support personnel provided other services such as mail handling, cooks, chaplains, teachers, etc. Peshawar Air Station was used as the communication station for the ill-fated May 1, 1960, flight of a Lockheed U-2 spy plane, piloted by Gary Powers, which was shot down over the Soviet Union.Rooms at the resorts provide scenic views of pools, the ocean, and the surrounding gardens. In South Bali the Villa Bali Gattes is minutes away from Canggu and Echo beaches, which are renowned for world-class surf breaks and beautiful sunsets.In a quiet secluded area with high walls and 24-hour security for privacy, Laki Uma Villa has optional nudity on the premises. Facilities include a steam room, Jacuzzi tubs and a library.Indonesia has a strong cultural and religious background and no public nudity is officially allowed.However, the island of Bali draws tourists from around the world, many of whom prefer topless or nude sunbathing.

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Although there are no official nude beaches on Bali, there are clothing-optional accommodations available and two 'unofficial' nude beaches on the island.