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Sneakiest Surprise: Just when Sookie seems cornered by Russell on this week's 's Tommy that Janet is the key to straightening out his life (and afterlife).He instantly assumes the worst, heads out to his truck and, you guessed it, tips a bottle."It was always created in order to fill the transmission times Fox wanted."We've never found a way to do it with everything that has been asked of us.This year, we have."Lythgoe says he likes the idea of not only revealing the contestant with the fewest votes each week but also ranking the singers by their vote totals, much like The X Factor has done."Take time to breathe," Kim reminds him during the challenge — as if he didn't already have enough on his mind. Weirdest Announcement: After revealing that he's been diagnosed with macular dystrophy at a Salt Lake City event over the weekend, Glenn Beck takes time on his show Monday to show footage of that announcement."At least I'll be able to get away with a blind joke from time to time," he says of the genetic eye disorder that could take his sight within a year.

The publicity-courting comedienne thinks it's win-win, as it both raises awareness of cancer prevention for women and gets her the news coverage she so fervently courts. Best Fight: On , when Scotty Lavin tries to get in the middle of Vince and Eric's storied bromance, Drama warns Scotty that Eric can get pretty scrappy. Best Rookie Performance: After the New York Yankees' Brett Gardner was ejected by the umpire for arguing balls and strikes, rookie Colin Curtis takes over his at-bat — and hits a three-run homer, his Ali that he's reconnected with his ex and will be taking himself out of the competition.Post-workout, the actress - who came to prominence in Disney's High School Musical - was make-up free as she replenished her energy.Her dark glossy tresses were covered by a baseball cap, as she attempted to go below radar."We've actually taken an American Idol bus out to the little towns this year, with a producer on board. That introduced new talent to us, I must say."Idol producers also listened to "friends and family who thought the person they nominated had a great voice but were a little too nervous to audition," Lythgoe says.In those cases, judge Randy Jackson went out with a hidden camera to surprise the would-be contestants.

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