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Nightline dating

Instead, the two take turns each night giving support to listeners who need guidance or want to talk through an issue.

(And she’s still dating her fellow former Nightline co-director, Benjamin Goldwater.) “The training you get in how to support people and be an empathetic, active listener just completely changed the way I speak, from how I text people to how I go through job interviews to how I help a friend when they’re coming to me at a difficult time,” Michaeli says.“But at the end of the day, our role is still listening and exploring with someone, making them feel heard and supported and safe in the space that we create with them over the phone.That’s something everyone on staff, I think, is capable of regardless of the intensity of the issue.” Kohn agrees.Denbroeder had friends in high school who struggled with mental health, and her passion for mental health intensified while she worked part-time at her school’s counseling center.Kohn notes that Emma Toner, a senior at Barnard and one of Nightline’s co-directors last semester, would often say part of the reason she initially joined Nightline was to get over her anxiety about speaking on the phone.

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