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But she added, "the governor believes Medicaid is an important safety net for many Iowans, and her hope is that those on the program who are able-bodied are able to find a career and re-enter the workforce." She said that's why Reynolds is promoting her "Future Ready Iowa" program to build job skills.

Iowa Senate Majority Leader Bill Dix said Wednesday that he's interested in the idea of adding work requirements to Medicaid, but he didn't commit to it.

Imposing Medicaid work requirements is the wrong way to get there,” said Mary Nelle Trefz, an analyst for the Child and Family Policy Center.

“Ultimately, what work requirements do well is to put up an obstacle to obtaining coverage by dramatically ramping up the red tape required to get it.

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Critics say most adults on Medicaid already either work or attend school or have health problems that prevent them from doing so.“No one disagrees that helping people who can work get good jobs is good for families and good for Iowa's economy.

Work requirements are effective at taking health coverage away from the people who need it most, in turn making it even harder for them to maintain their health and independence and be productive members of our workforce.”The Child and Family Policy Center is one of several social-service agencies that have registered in opposition to the bill.

Several others have registered as being “undecided.” No lobbyists have registered as being in favor of it.

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Verma helped design Iowa’s controversial shift to private management of the state’s $5 billion Medicaid program.