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) But when I told my dad, his first and foremost concern was for my wellbeing.

To this day he and my mother have been extremely supportive of me, though occasionally my dad makes an "if only you would have listened to me…" statement, which pierces me to the core.

I just hoped my father would agree and come around to the idea that dating - even marrying - a non-Jew didn't have to be a .

On our fourth date I informed him in no uncertain terms, "This can't go anywhere." "Why? Based on my upbringing, I would feel guilty for betraying generations of Jewish martyrs who had died so that I could be free to be Jewish.

Sure, I shared my father's concerns about the survival of the Jewish people and, though it might sound stereotypical, was aware of the cultural differences between our Jewish family and his non-Jewish one. In my family we addressed our feelings openly; his tended to ignore uncomfortable issues, hoping they would just go away.

Yet I still felt that our similarities outweighed our differences.

1899) which documents an event in Ukraine that the artist read about: a Jewish woman was attacked by members of her community for falling in love with a Christian convert.

Interfaith marriage in Judaism (also called mixed marriage or intermarriage) was historically looked upon with very strong disfavour by Jewish leaders, and it remains a controversial issue amongst them today.

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  1. "It's about reacquainting yourself with who you are today and what value you hold in a partnership," she said. The internal list we all have that makes finding your perfect partner as hard as lassoing a unicorn.