Outlook imap inbox not updating who is david draiman dating

Posted by / 08-Nov-2017 14:28

Outlook imap inbox not updating

In other words do you have autodiscovery set up in the DNS zones for the two email domains?

Both accounts are configured on the same Exchange server.You should have done it all in 2007, or just waited until 2010 to do any of it. In fact, it’s a few programs in one: Mail, Calendar, Contact Manager, and Task Manager. Specifically, why (for the love of whatever god you believe in) would they hide the button to view email headers? Ok, no problem, I’ll just bust out some Google Fu, and we’ll be off to the races. I want this to be as easy as it was in previous versions of Outlook. Is Microsoft trying to make life more difficult for Sys Admins? See in Outlook 2003, or 2007 (and I’m pretty sure it was even this way in Outlook XP and 2000), you simply right-click the email, and select “Message Options…”, and you get to see header information. Apparently there is some guy at Microsoft that thought this was too confusing (or maybe I don’t know, ), and simply had to be changed in Outlook 2010.

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See I installed the Office 2010 RTM on my personal workstation. Like why my spam filter is marking legitimate email as spam (you know little things like that). Or at least not where it used to be, or where you’d think it should be.