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You should have a default cron job for freshclam in /etc/cron.d/clamav-freshclam, should you wish to manage the task in Plesk or crontab you should disable first by commenting it out, you can then add the task to crontab like so…If you do not see your required PHP version, please contact our Support team so they can install it for you.While he was working there, he serendipitously sold a phone to Kevin Spacey, and the two ignited a friendship.Soon after, the actor asked Brunetti to be his personal assistant./bin/sh # Duncan Findlay # [email protected]# Daily cronjob for Spam Assassin updates. set -e CRON=0 test -f /etc/default/spamassassin && .

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#laden des Schlssels (ID erhlt man mit obigen Aufruf): gpg --keyserver edu --recv-keys BDE9DC10 #Umwandeln: gpg --armor -o --export BDE9DC10 #Import sa-update --import #aufrumen rm Kommentar von m Jay (2011-10-31 ): ATTENTION Do not use saupdates.anymore. See Open Protect' Spam Assassin sa-update channel is obsolete since SARE stopped updating their rulesets.

Note that "sa-update" will not restart "spamd" or otherwise cause a scanner to reload the now-updated ruleset automatically.

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