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With the LTM as an intermediary in the client/server architecture, the session setup/teardown is duplicated, with the LTM playing the role of server to the client and client to the server.

Because the TCP profile is applied to the virtual server, the flexibility exists to customize the stack (in both client & server directions) for every application delivered by the LTM.

The LTM supports setting priority at layer 2 with Link Qo S and at layer 3 with IP To S.

This can be configured on a pool, a virtual server’s TCP/UDP profile, and in an i Rule.

The drop probability is high to low, in that a higher value means it will be more likely the traffic will be dropped.

In the table below, the precedence and the drop probabilities are shown, along with their corresponding DSCP value (in decimal) and the class name.

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If a large print job is released and sent down the wire and the packets hit the campus egress point towards the remote branch prior to the terminal server responses, the standard queue in a router will process the packets first in, first out, resulting in the user session getting delayed to the point human perception is impacted.

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