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Rabbi pruzansky dating

It emphasizes the rule by elites and adherence to the state.

The modern USA is actually a nation of conformists to the extent that would make even Soviet citizen shrug.

The term "groupthink" is closely related to such terms as propaganda, social influences on individuals, group cohesiveness, and, especially, brainwashing.

There are several similar terms with the most popular alternative term being "political correctness".

Groupthink is a defining feature of the current social order -- Corporatism in its various forms.

It is cultivated by state using powerful propaganda mechanism.

In the same way it is also used by various "high demand" religious cults In subtle, indirect way the term groupthink suggests that social groups as well as the society "at large" often behaves as a psychopathic individual.People differ in the level of acceptance of interests of the group as their own.Again, extreme cases in which individuals tend to demonstrate more or less blind, uncritical acceptance are called Conformists.At the same time many achievements of humanity (for example dominance of secular states) are due to people who sacrificed their lives for defending their own view of things and events.Which during Middle Ages was related to questioning the religious dogma. Beating the war drums is a sur way to increase group cohesiveness and was used and abused by elite since antiquity.

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