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C.) Ltd., the latest venture of one Mohammed (Mo) Jiwani, who has left a trail of hapless investors across the country over more than a decade.

In the fall of 2000, the Ontario-based Jiwani staged a financial self-help seminar called Oracle 20/20 in Edmonton, where Brenda Rost and her husband, Stewart Dean, were in the audience.

They had seen author Robert Kiyosaki on TV talking about using real estate investments to build wealth. And when they attended Jiwani’s seminar, he was saying exactly what they wanted to hear—that they didn’t have to spend the rest of their lives working for someone else.

They enrolled in a course on real estate investing lasting for several weeks.

One tells me she has used the Dollar Makers method, bringing together a buyer and a seller she knew, and received a cheque in the mail for a couple of hundred dollars. But most Dollar Makers likely don’t know about the one big blot on the Elliotts’ record.The lecture is filled with pop-psychological jargon, referring to “hot buttons” and “triangulation of trust.” The only distractions during break times are the tables lining the walls where Dollar Makers Network members hand out brochures for their businesses—jewelry importers, barter schemes, custom baking and the like.I find myself struggling to stay awake, trying not to think of the better ways I could be spending this springlike Saturday in February.“It becomes a prison.” I’ve paid .95 (the event notice says “regular price 7,” but everyone seems to get the discount) to attend a full-day seminar from Dollar Makers, an outfit run by Elliott and his wife, Rika, out of their Coquitlam home.If you follow their program, they say on their website, you can retire in less than a year.

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