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Romea and juliet dating

William Shakespeare put Verona on the map for the English-speaking world, setting his tale of the star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet in this northern Italian city.The Bard’s timeless story has inspired a steady flow of romantics to visit Juliet’s House, or Casa di Giulietta, as Verona’s 13th-century palazzo of the Dal Cappello family is now known.Hussey starred in what was considered the most successful adaptation of a Shakespearean work at its time in the 1968 film, which won Academy Awards for best cinematography and best costume design, and was also nominated for best director and best picture.The film was popular with a younger audience, due in part to the young age of the actors at the time (Hussey was 15, and Whiting was 17), and the two actors were considered to be the next rising stars in film.Read more Location: Verona, Italy Duration: 1 day (approx.) Segway Tour is a unique and fun way to explore the city.Drive through Verona and discover the most beautiful sights it has to offer. Read more Location: Verona, Italy Duration: 2 hours (approx.) Enjoy a classic, romantic walking tour of Verona while discovering the places that may have inspired Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Read more Location: Verona, Italy Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes (approx.) A guided tour to discover the hidden treasures of Verona, the beautiful city of art surrounded by traces of its ancient history which maintains a suggestive ...

Two of the brightest stars in the whole sky had to go away on business, and they’re asking her eyes to twinkle in their places until they return.

Though Romeo and Juliet were almost certainly figments of Shakespeare’s imagination and the famous balcony where Juliet is said to have gazed down at Romeo was added centuries after the love story was written, the romance of Juliet’s House transcends fact or fiction.

Juliet’s House is among the most popular attractions in the city of Verona, along with Piazza delle Erbe and the Arena di Verona.

He is sent into exile, and only returns when he hears of Juliet's death.

It turns out she has faked her death, unbeknownst to Romeo, who kills himself in a fit of grief.

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The heir of the House of Montague, Romeo meets and falls in love with Juliet, the young daughter of the House of Capulet.