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Sdsu speed dating

And this is where it begins, as the next part of the blog is going to be a breakdown of the different types of people I would meet over the next hour, or at least the ones I remember, and the memorable conversations we had. But you’re not going to, you’re going to continue to read on, and still think I’m an asshole.Now, hopefully this doesn’t come off as mean, or me being a judgey jerk face. And I don’t even know what the word vomit I’m going to write yet, so this apology might be all for not. I wondered the outside patio looking like a lost puppy, as I read the name tags with note cards placed on each chair until I finally found my name tag, and sat down.Which was actually, a very interesting thought experiment, you know, watching every guy that walked in and making analyses, judgments and assumption about what that guy was all about and if he would be a competitive threat.It turns out, I have very high self esteem and can talk down almost every guy that walked into the bar. Either way I felt pretty good about judging Hipster Harry, Muscles Mcgee and East County Flat Brimmed Barry.Which for those of you that don’t know, it’s a game that involves wizards and mana. Turns out she’s still in school, OF COURSE SHE’S STILL IN SCHOOL SHE’S ONLY 21.She starts talking about her upcoming calculus final, which then leads the conversation down the path of derivatives and integrals.6 minutes are up, the bell is rang, time to move onto the next one.Her voice was deep and raspy, she was heavy set, and swore like a pirate. She was dressed like she was going on Millionaire Maker, which is fine, but do you think Millionaire Match maker guys are coming to speed dating at BJ’s Brewery in Mission Valley?

I say some clever opening line, she laughs and for the next 6 minutes and 56 seconds we proceed to have the best conversation anyone on planet Earth has ever had. (this is me yelling again) FOR SPEED DATING, and then, like all of sudden, I was kind of nervous about it as the actual speed dating day came. And not nervous because I’m nervous about talking to another human being face to face, but nervous because what if it sucks. What if I’m not as funny, charming, modest, smart, strong, witty and modest as I think I am. But really, what if I am unable to have a decent conversation with these ladies for 7 minutes.My buddy Vic also wanted to try out speed dating, and there’s safety in numbers so we both show up 30 minutes early to BJ’s Brewery in Mission Valley.We thought it would be a good idea to have a drink or 12 before the event.Your initially seating is your “first date”, and there was already somebody sitting across from me. Maybe it if was 31 and 41, but 21 and 31 is just ridiculous.I situated, took a deep breathe, made eye contact and initiated a solid, friendly “hello”. As we started talking , I got a closer look at the person sitting across from me and noticed, she looked “young”. I know, I know, some of you clowns are going to be like “My parents are 10 years apart, blah blah blah, counter example, blah blah blah”. Maybe it’s ridiculous because I think of 21 year old me and what a clown that guy way.

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I don’t know anyone that’s actually done speed dating, so all of my knowledge about speed dating comes from super cliché movies, likes 40 Year Old Virgin and Hitch.

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