Sophos console not updating

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Product release version: RECOMMENDED 2014/09/18 PM Information The synchronization of protection data for product release 'Windows Endpoint Security and Control' was successful, but no new data was found.I would install the client form the Enterprise Console's own CID.However, renaming the a RED is easy in the command line configuration utility.Become root on the UTM via the shell and type the following: cc red [email protected] OBJS When ‘[email protected]’ is typed in, the response will be a list of REDs.Make a note of the ID that begins with ‘REF_’ name = ‘new name’ w quit That’s it!Application Control Log (V9.3): The application control log only lists the application ID.For example, this log excerpt shows app=”127″: # tail -f /var/log/20- utm205 ulogd[22627]: id=”2017″ …..

This time our update manager looks to be working fine however we are not getting updates.The Sophos Update Manager is not updating error (software delivery failed). I am Currently working with their support but do not have resolution yet.Error ID 16389 Decode operation failed with an unexpected error. On version 9.312, this lookup file can be found at: /var/sec/chroot-afc/etc/afc/However, Sophos includes a handy tool to make watching your logs in realtime easier. cc set http sc_local_db [disk][mem][none] (Choose what you prefer) 4.Try: tail -f /var/log/| And now the log has the text label added to the end of the log line: afcname=DROPBOX Packet Filter Commands: To View automatic firewall rules from command line # iptables -L AUTO_FORWARD Packet Filter # iptables -L -nv Clear Buffer Memory -( Useful for any linux): Memory Leak Observation: slabtop -d 60 -s c Run Astaro HTTP proxy database localy 1. /var/mdw/scripts/httpproxy restart Websurfing will be extremely slow until the database has downloaded and been put into place. In case it is not obvious, all the start scripts are in /var/mdw/scripts/ View the link speed for the ASG’s interfaces? Bandwidth usage – IFTOP Astaro also offers the command ‘iftop’ to see the live traffic and traffic statistics.

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If you don't have a supported SQL Server version (SQL Server 2005 Express or later) already installed, the Minimum database size The computer where you place the database (which may be the same computer as the computer where Enterprise Console is installed or a different one) needs a minimum of 1 GB disk space for data.

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