Sound recorder there error updating registry

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* You have pasted exactly the license key to the key field and pressed the Register button.Then you have quit and restarted Ath Tek Skype Recorder as the instruction.Why my Ath Tek Skype Recorder records the entire screen, not just the Skype video? Please run Ath Tek Skype Recorder and go to [Tools] - Auto record Skype video when starting a Skype video call.Back to Top My recorder failed to recognize Skype and it has not asked me to allow access on Skype. Sometimes Skype cannot pop up the dialog to allow access of Skype Recorder, and you can do it manually on Skype.There are kinds of reasons which can prevent the interface showing on desktop.Please try to rescue it as follow: Step.1 right click on Skype Recorder on system tray, unselect "Undisturb Mode", restart Skype Recorder.Please run both Skype and Skype Recorder and click [Tools] - [Manage other programs' access to Skype] on your Skype.You will see the dialog as below: Select "Skype Recorder.exe" and click Change button.

Please install Ath Tek Skype Recorder to your computer, then copy and paste exactly the Skype ID or PC Code to that page to generate a license key.Sometimes this doesn't work, and then you should contact us with your transaction ID and Skype ID/PC Code for help.We will manually generate a license key and send it to you as soon as the transaction has been verified.Everytime I start to record the video call, it records the full screen.It will record the full screen in following coditions: a. If you have found that your voice didn't exist in the recordings, you need to downgrade your Skype to any of the previous versions and turn off auto updates feature. The Repair Tool can be used to repair recording files.

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It will record Skype calls in high quality audio or video files.

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