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19 June 2014 Open wounds: torture and ill-treatment in Syria A new thematic paper produced by the UN Human Rights Office on torture in Syria highlights horrific accounts from victims of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment by Government forces and some armed opposition groups. Terrorised population in Syria deserves a political solution, states UN Commission Syrians want a peaceful resolution to the conflict and accountability for the crimes committed in their country, the Commission of Inquiry on Syria tells the Human Rights Council.UN human rights investigators decry targeting of civilians in Syria “The only way to end civilian suffering is to end this war,” the Commission of Inquiry on Syria told the Human Rights Council, as the conflict rages into its seventh year.16 June 2017 Protecting the rights of detainees in Syria Protection of detainees and the disappeared in Syria was the focus of a recent panel discussion held during the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Here, the multidisciplinary team from the geo-archaeological mission has discovered particularly well-preserved sites, including a fortified surveillance network over the territory dating from the second millennium (-2,000 to -1,550).5 September 2011 Human Rights Council: Stop human rights violations in Syria UN Human Rights Council requests Syria to stop all human rights violations, and asks the UN Human Rights office to dispatch an investigative team.The region explored by the Franco-Syrian mission Marges arides de Syrie du Nord is located to the east of Hama and extends across approximately 7,000 km2.It is the first time that such an extensive fortified system has been discovered in the territory.This structure, exceptional in its extent and designed to protect urban areas and their hinterlands, is composed of a series of fortresses, small forts, towers, and enclosures that run along the mountainous ridge which dominates the steppes of central Syria.

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